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Simulation Training Centre

For the second year running the HRC2016 scientific committee have decided to offer simulation training as part of the programme. This will take place in the exhibition in the simulation training centre and will provide delegates with an opportunity to access high quality training, across a range of simulators.

Below is a list of the simulators available during HRC2016:

Biosense Webster

A CARTO3 simulator will be present, allowing delegates, who have pre booked a 30 minute session, having a hands on one-on-one tutorial with our clinical experts to better understand in practice software modules such as ConfiDENSE™, REPLAY™, UniVu™, PaSo™, VisiTag™ and CARTOmerge™.

In addition, a CARTO3 familiar physician will be present to offer a ‘real-life’ aspect to the sessions, offering insight onto why they would choose a particular software and how it benefits their procedures.

Boston Scientific’s Simbionix ANGIO Mentor

These simulators provide hands-on practice of lead implant procedures performed under fluoroscopy in the cath lab in a virtual reality simulated environment. The simulator’s technology enables realistic visualization of the anatomy and instrument activity. This is combined with a high-end haptic system for visual and tactile feedback, which realistically mimics the look and feel of actual interventions. The system allows real time creation of continuous fluoroscopy, roadmap imaging, simulation of C-arm and patient’s table manoeuvring using a control panel with the ability to store and browse images/sequence acquired. The specific focus for CRM will be on brady lead placement/ICD lead placement and LV lead placement with different coronary sinus anatomies to practice on.

Medtronic’s Simbionix Simulators

The Simbionix lead simulator will provide you with a screen and fluro pedal with a ‘body’ which is a method of introducing different catheters and guide wires through one end. When you acquire fluoroscopy  the screen will show the leads being placed selected via a connected laptop.
The variety of leads included cover IPG, ICD and CRTD implantation scenarios. The choice is yours!
The operator can manipulate the catheters and guide wires and in real time on the screen the leads will behave exactly during implant.
There is the option to use different stylets and guide catheters and there is the ability to virtually deploy active fixation leads.

St Jude Medical

The Mentice Virtual Reality EP4/5 modules allows the operator to safely and effectively practice the following in a simulated scenario:

Mapping of the Left Atrium with the EnSite™ Velocity™/Precision™ and the state of the Art SJM catheters such as FlexAbility™

Isolation of Pulmonary veins and roofline ablation for the treatment of Atrial Fibrillation with the SJM TactiCath™ Ablation catheter

Using the AutoMap™ function of EnSite™ Precision™ for precise navigation and model creation of any chambers with any catheter with dual technology

Enhance VT mapping with the EnSite™ AutoMap™ module, featuring automated, advanced morphology matching capability

Map secondary arrhythmias up to 10x faster with the TurboMap™ feature

Using  the AutoMark™ functionality to increase procedural consistency  with automated lesion marking guidance

Facilitate complex arrhythmia diagnosis through easy visualization of voltage pathways on a single map with the SparkleMap™ feature



How do I book?

The training will be held in the Simulation Training Centre in the exhibition at the following times:

Monday 10 October 09:00-11:00 14:00-16:00
Tuesday 11 October 09:00-11:00 14:00-16:00
Wednesday 12 October 09:00-11:00  

All sessions will last 30 minutes and will consist of a tutorial with an experienced trainer.

To book please email

To check for late availability on the day, please report to the Simulator Training Centre during the specified session times.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance; any delegate who fails to attend a booked session will have any other booked sessions cancelled.


Heart Rhythm Congress would like to thank Biosense Webster, Boston Scientific, Medtronic and St Jude Medical for providing the simulators and technical support.

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